Highlights of the RED LINE Reciprocators

RED LINE's REM Series reciprocators are available in a wide range of configurations - from standard electro-mechanical movement with electronic touch-controls for speed and ramp adjustments to Logic driven reciprocators with touch controls for speed, ramp as well as stroke length - upper lock and lower lock to fully automated systems well integrated with automation in the entire paint-shop.

These reciprocators are silent, smooth and well balanced for high quality coating results. All REM Series reciprocators come with electronic controls only.

REM Series reciprocators can handle 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 or upto 12 guns at a time in two vertical lines.

REM Series reciprocators are available for a wide range of stroke lengths - from 0.5M to 2.5M.

REM Series reciprocators are ideal for powder as well as for liquid paintshops.

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