Powder Coating Machine PC 201 / 2 - 2


Highlights of RED LINE PC 201 / 2 - 2 Guns At a Time

The RED LINE PC201/2 is the ideal powder coating machine for small conveyorised lines which require two manual operators in the same booth. The control panel is built with independent controls for both guns–powder flow and the charging voltage can be separately controlled for each gun. Powder to both guns is fed from a single master hopper of 25-kg (55-lb) capacity.

The RED LINE PC201/2 comes with its own in-built on-line PS2.0 powder sieving system to ensure that powder is first cleansed of all contaminants before being sent to the hopper.

Other highlights of the RED LINE PC201/2

• Built on the latest RED LINE 201 platform for ruggedness and reliability.

• State-of-art electronics in control panel and the guns.

• Built-in electronic power-pack for clean and regulated power supply to the system.

• All new powder feed-pump for high performance powder flow.

• High quality results - consistently and regularly.

RED LINE Users in

USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Scotland, Russia, Ecuador, Peru, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, France, Finland, Uganda