Electric Powder Curing Ovens


Highlights of the RED LINE Electric Powder Curing Ovens

RED LINE offers a range of powder curing ovens - from laboratory sized ovens of 18" x 18" x 18” (0.45M x 0.45M x0.45M), box batch ovens, 0.9M x 0.9M x 0.9M to 6.0M x 2.0M x 2.0M and beyond and tunnel ovens. All RED LINE powder curing ovens are customized to individual needs.

RED LINE powder curing ovens are available with electrical heaters as the source of heat energy for small to medium sized box batch ovens.

Electrical ovens are available for a wide range of specified power supply voltages - 110 to 440V AC at 50 Hz or 60 Hz in single phase or three phase configuration.

Temperature control is through a Digital Temperature Controller (cum-Indicator). Temperature range upto 2500C (4800F) available. Higher temperature ovens are also available on request.

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