Delta Series Filter Cartridge Booths


Highlights of the RED LINE DELTA Series Filter Cartridge Booths

DELTA Series (DS) powder recovery systems are the latest generation state-of-art P T F E coated polyester filter cartridge type powder recovery systems. With an efficient cartridge type powder recovery system like the Delta Series booth, the user is assured of close to 99-100% recovery of powder. Ideal for end-users coating a limited number of colors, DS booths are available in a wide range of designs - from batch booths with one coater to larger systems - from a single coater to two coaters in a conveyorised system to 8 to 12 guns or more at a time in fully automated installations.

All RED LINE DS booths come with an optional end-filtration system using HEPA filters to ensure clean air back to the shop-floor.

All RED LINE DS booths come with an optional automated powder recycling system - single point (SARS) or multi-point (MARS) - from the powder bin under the recovery system(s) to the master hopper feeding the spray guns after passing through the RED LINE PS series powder sieving system and arrangements for mixing with virgin powder in a settable ratio.

RED LINE DS booths can also be supplied with aluminized filter cartridges, if required

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