Auto 201 / X


RED LINE Auto 201 / x 100 kV Multiple Gun Auto System

RED LINE offers the Auto 201/x powder coating system - auto guns with their unified and integrated control system. These are available in a range of configurations for specific end-use - from Auto 201/2 upto Auto 201/12 - from 2 guns to 12 guns on each console. These guns can be fixed-mounted or reciprocator-mounted as required.

All Auto 201/x systems come with a master hopper (of varying capacities), a single unified control console and all inter-connecting cables and tubings.

Other Highlights Of The Auto 201/x Coating System

• Built on the latest RED LINE 201 platform for ruggedness and reliability.

• State-of-art electronics in control panel and the gun.

• Built-in electronic power-pack for clean and regulated power supply to the system.

• All new powder feed-pump for high performance powder flow.

• High quality results - consistently and regularly.

The ALPHA Portable uses the same electronics used in higher-end industrial coating machines.

The Force feed technology used provides exceptionally well-controlled uniform and consistent powder flow at high productivity levels fully controllable down to a whisper of powder cloud if required.

All packed in a convenient carry-away small sized case.

RED LINE Users in

USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Scotland, Russia, Ecuador, Peru, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, France, Finland, Uganda